New Music: BROADHURST ‘Little Lover’

Today, with Christmas an almost distant memory, ‘Little Lover’ is officially released to the world, accompanied by a visually stunning and professionally choreographed video that seamlessly combines art, dance and music.

A complicated character, Nick Broadhurst is many things, with a constant global vision juxtaposing against a forensic commitment to simplicity. A film producer. An ex member of Sneaky Sound System. A saxophone player for Flight Facilities. Ameditation advocate, a visual artist, songwriter, entrepreneur and a performer. But among all these things, the simple heart of Broadhurst is creativity through music.

‘Little Lover’ is a stripped back, emotive journey touching on multiple senses with its combination of tenderness and a stunning falsetto. With a video depicting sex and sensuality through dance and exploring the concepts of masculinity and femininity, the track is a perfect introduction, showing Broadhurst’s knack for conveying a complex story through simplicity and focus.

A perchance for cinematic orchestrations as well as understatement and simple messages mesh with his passionate vocal leading to stylistic comparisons to the smooth tones or Rhye, subtlety of Hundred Waters or emma louise and electronic funk of Daft Punk.

With a live show in development for later in 2016 under an artisan dome, the journey of Broadhurst has just begun.

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