New Music: Ivy Nations ‘You Are The Centre Of Me’

Whether is was before or after Ivy Nations decided they were going to mix guitar driven hooks with honey sweet melodies and pulsating indie electronic beats that they booked a very early gig in which the owner of the coffee shop/library/anti-rock n roll and/or fun establishment politely insisted they stop making that noise and get off stage is unknown. What is known is that only a fool would ask that music this good stop. It seems they thought Joan Baez and James Taylor were coming to duet on some Bread covers, or something.  

Formed in January 2015 in scenic Dublin, Ireland, Ivy Nations comprises longtime friends Darragh Faughey and Brian Sinnott (guitars), along with Joe Kiernan on vocals and Paul Donohoe on drums. The guys have long been active in the Dublin scene. Following the genesis of their latest endeavor, they wasted no time in putting out the undeniable ear candy that is “The Mile Road,” their first single. It was released to universal if not nearly close to enough plaudits. Do yourself a favor and go listen to it.

Now, the band is back with a darker, if no less catchy second single, “You Are the Centre of Me.” The track is reminiscent of the most hook-laden UK post-punk. It calls to mind the likes of Depeche Mode and New Order, among scores of other excellent influence. Dysfunction sounds great in hands this skilled.

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