VIDEO SPECIAL: KYLIE MINOGUE #KissMeOnceTour LIVE – Echo Arena, Liverpool UK September 2014!

#KissMeOnceTour  SET LIST

1. Les Sex
2. In My Arms
3. Timebomb
4. Sexy Love
5. Wow
6. Step Back in Time
7. Spinning Around
8. Your Disco Needs You
9. On a Night Like This
10. Slow
11. Enjoy Yourself
12. Never Too Late
13. Got to Be Certain
14. Hand on Your Heart
15. I Should Be So Lucky
16. Skirt (interlude)
17. Sexercize
18. I Need You Tonight (cover)
19. Can’t Get You Outta My Head
20. Kids
21. Beautiful
22. Kiss Me Once
23. Get Outta My Way
24. Love at First Sight
25. Especially for You
26. All the Lovers
27. Into The Blue

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