Darren and Riley Webseries

The shortform webseries “We are Darren and Riley” has now hit 13,500 views across its Youtube channel since premiering Wednesday 18 June 2014. The Screen Queensland-commissioned series, which started as a TV pilot in 2012, follows Brisbane comedians Darren Low and Riley Nottingham along their journey into the world of television. Featuring a broad range of comedy and some crazy antics (like their Who Wants to be a Zen Master gameshow –  or their rude music video, audience reaction has been positive and the final episode will air 27 August 2014. Screen Queensland CEO Tracey Vieira explained that the decision behind backing We Are Darren and Riley as a web series reflected the trend towards multi-platform media consumption. 

“The digital generation is consuming their media in different ways to the traditional models and their appetite is strong – and often in short attention spurts,” she said. The series, which is produced by Beyond Productions (Mythbusters) will be pitched at networks later this year with the aim of making the leap onto television screens, or as a second webseries.

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