Bee Gees Repackage 1987-1991 Albums

The Bee Gees four albums from 1987-1991 have been repackaged for a box set with bonus tracks to be released in April.

Warner Music will release ‘The Bee Gees – The Warner Years 1987-1991’, a five disc collection featuring the albums ‘ESP’ (1987), ‘One’ (1989) and ‘High Civilisation’ (1991) and the live album ‘One For All’ (1991).

‘ESP’ was The Bee Gees 17th studio album. It reunited the band with producer Arif Mardin who produced their classic ‘Jive Talkin’.

‘One’ was released two years later but tragedy struck when brother Andy Gibb died midway through recording.

‘High Civilisation’ was the bands final recording for Warner Brothers. It was quickly followed up with the live album ‘One For All’, recorded in Melbourne in 1989.

Warner Music will release ‘The Bee Gees – The Warner Years 1987-1991’ on April 18.

The Warner Bros. Years 1987-1991
Track Listing

E.S.P. (1987)
2.“You Win Again”
3.“Live Or Die (Hold Me Like A Child)”
4.“Giving Up The Ghost”
5.“The Longest Night”
6.“This Is Your Life”
9.“Crazy For Your Love”
11.“E.S.P.” (Vocal Reprise)

Bonus Tracks
12.“E.S.P.” (Demo Version)
13.“Angela” (Edit)
14.“E.S.P.” (Edit)
15.“You Win Again” (Extended Version)
16.“E.S.P.” (Extended Version)

One (1989)
1.“Ordinary Lives”
4.“It’s My Neighborhood”
6.“Tokyo Nights”
7.“Flesh And Blood”
8.“Wish You Were Here”
9.“House Of Shame”
10.“Will You Ever Let Me”
11.“Wing And A Prayer”*
Bonus Tracks
12.“Shape Of Things To Come”*
13.“One” (Remix/Edit)
14.“One” (12” Dance Version)
15.“One” (12” Club Mix)

High Civilization (1991)
1.“High Civilization”
2.“Secret Love”
3.“When He’s Gone”
4.“Happy Ever After”
5.“Party With No Name”
6.“Ghost Train”
8.“The Only Love”
9.“Human Sacrifice”
10.“True Confessions”

One For All (1991)
Disc One
2.“Ordinary Lives”
3.“Giving Up The Ghost”
4.“To Love Somebody”
6.“Tokyo Nights”
9.“Lonely Days”
a.“New York Mining Disaster 1941”
c.“Too Much Heaven”
e.“Islands In The Stream”
f.“Run To Me”
11.“Spicks And Specks”

Disc Two
1.“How Deep Is Your Love”
2.“It’s My Neighborhood”
3.“How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”
4.“House Of Shame”
5.“I Started A Joke”
7.“Stayin’ Alive”
8.“Nights On Broadway”
9.“Jive Talkin’”
10.“You Win Again”
11.“You Should Be Dancing”

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