Daryl Braithwaite Returns to Sony

Daryl Braithwaite has returned to Sony Music where he recorded his two biggest solo albums more than two decades ago.

Braithwaite’s new mini-album ‘Forever The Tourist’ will be release through Sony on October 4 and the lead song ‘Not Too Late’ is available now.

Daryl released ‘Edge’ in 1988 and ‘Rise’ in 1990 through Sony. ‘The Edge’ was a number one album in Australia for three weeks and delivered the hits ‘As The Days Go By’ and ‘One Summer’. 1990’s ‘The Edge’ featured Daryl’s cover of Rickie Lee Jones ‘The Horses’, ‘Higher Than Hope’ and the title track. ‘The Horses’ was a number one hit in Australia.

Daryl’s last album was the acoustic record ‘The Lemon Tree’ in 2008, featuring stripped back versions of his greatest hits.

This year, he had an unexpected windfall when Daft Punk sampled Sherbet’s ‘We Ride Tonight’ for ‘Contact’ from their Random Access Memories album. The song was written and credited to all five members of Sherbet including Daryl. The album will be one of the biggest selling albums globally of 2013.

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