Michael Jackson’s BAD 25th Anniversary

To celebrate Michael Jackson’s 25th anniversary of BAD, Sony will release a special three CD and one DVD edition of the original release this coming September. Included, a CD of unreleased material, the original Bad record remastered as well as a live album from the 1988 Bad Tour! The DVD to be the entire Wembley show from July 16, 1988 infront of 72,000 fans! The footage, discovered in Michael Jackson’s hidden collection… I wonder what else is stashed away?

One thought on “Michael Jackson’s BAD 25th Anniversary”

  1. I bet there's still a lot out there;-) Gonna post about BAD25 soon. I don't like this word, but to say it about all the years past, I've been Mike's fan since 1983. Ooops! Am I that old? haha Don't forget, Her Madgesty starts tomorrow! Woohoo! Going 2 her concert? Nothing in your part of the globe scheduled yet, I mean tckets aren't on sale yet. You once wrote about her concerts in AU in 2013, but I haven't found it elsewhere. Haven't looked for thoroughly, either 😉

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