ENRIQUE IGLESIAS: Euphoria In Melbourne

The photo feast continues with more stunning images from the Enrique Iglesias Melbourne concert on Thursday night at Rod Laver Arena. A spectacular performance from the latino who really sent pulses racing with a groundbreaking performance. Pitbull and DJ Havana Brown rounded out the night with supporting acts as well as a duet with Enrique. 
Iglesias was in full flight with so many highlights to come from the night. He looked and played the typical Enrique part, wearing casual denim jeans, plain t-shirt and a sporty baseball cap. Just how Enrique fans like it.

3 thoughts on “ENRIQUE IGLESIAS: Euphoria In Melbourne”

  1. Whoops – wasn't the 70s was early 80's and his Dad was doing a Don Lane live 'in advance of his tour to Oz' simulcast

  2. Cute… I looked after Enriquo when his father was recording a 'live' to air simulcast in the 1970's…wow, look at him now!! He was 'a baby'….. how the cycle of life turns…and guess what, happens to us all before we know it!!

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