The rumour mill is running hot with word on the street that sisters Kylie and Dannii Minogue are keen to join forces for a special duet. The two have reportedly spoke about teaming up for a near future release – the thought, mouth watering. For most fans, this video from the mid 80’s is enough to want more – contrary to what the opposition think. The two women know how the scene works along with all the ups and downs of the industry. Both have rode career roller-coaster rides taking the good with the bad. We saw them when they were younger performing the hit Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves on Young Talent Time in the 80’s followed by another musical surprise at Kylie’s Homecoming Showgirl concert in Australia when the two performed the Kylie and Robbie Williams hit Kids. A pairing of the two musical icons now would be nothing short of AMAZING! Give it to me!

Kylie & Dannii – Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves
on Young Talent Time

Kylie & Dannii perform Kids at 
Kylie’s Homecoming Showgirl Tour in Australia


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